How to display 3D animals in a living room

Would you like to play while studying? Well you have to try this AR animal belongs to google. With Google technology, these 3D animals can be brought into the real world by Smartphone? Here’s how!

Google 3D animal

In 2022 it turned out that Google had created several examples of animals in 3D. Well, with the help of AR technology (expanded reality) Google makes the 3D animals appear real and are all around us. We can show it in the living room or other places. The method is very simple, we can start with Chrome or Google Search.

expanded reality

Have you ever heard of a future technology term that reads? expanded reality? expanded reality or generally abbreviated as AR, we often come across it in our daily life while using it Smartphone. Perhaps one or many of us have already downloaded and used the features expanded reality This.

Indeed, functions or terms Extended reality that sounds cool and very futuristic. It’s a lot now developer trying to develop these AR features to get better day by day.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR or Expanded reality Linguistically, it is a technology that is able to combine content Digital with the real world Real time. So this AR technology enables us to see 2D or 3D computer content as if it were real before our eyes.

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1. You don’t need any additional applications, just open the Chrome browser application on the Smartphone each of you and type in one of the animal names. Here, let me take a tiger, for example scroll at the bottom there will be a menu View in 3D, then when the 3D image of the animal has appeared Tap menu View in the room.

How to display 3D animals in a home room

2. Will appear Pop up Notice Tap menu Grant access then Tap more menu enable to allow access to the Google app to use the camera.

How to display 3D animals in a home room

3. Now that the 3D tiger is in your room, you can hear its voice or move its position with your finger. Other animals can be found in the menu below.

How to display 3D animals in a home room


The Google feature above is very useful for learning to spot animals, especially young children. It can also be used for fun and shared on social media.

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