How to display 2 Word documents on one screen

Microsoft Word is an application that is widely used to create a worksheet or document. The operating system that is widely used by laptops is Windows, so Microsoft itself adds Ms. Office as an application to aid the work of its users.

Arrange windows is an option that is used to combine or merge multiple window tabs based on the number of window tabs divided by a percentage, so you can do things like typing documents in multiple window tabs without having to do anything. minimize one at a time and open the tab window that minimize different. This classification system usually automatically follows the screen size of a computer or laptop.

The author will provide an activation tutorial Arrange windows in Microsoft Word. This is useful when you are working on a large number of currently active tabbed windows.

How to display 2 Word documents on one screen.


1. Open the app Microsoft Office Word on your computer or laptop.

2. You can create a new document or open an existing document on your computer or laptop.

3. Click on file – Click New – Choose Blank documents to create a new window (new window).

4. Click on view – Click Arrange everything.

5. Here are the results.


So you don’t have to worry about documents, you have to open tabs one at a time to save time on your productivity.

This is a tutorial on how to display 2 Word documents on one screen. Much luck.

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