How to discover devices connected to the same WLAN

We can easily find WiFi anywhere and anytime, for example, in places like cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and others. WLAN is installed not only there, but in almost all rooms everywhere, be it public WLAN or private WLAN.

In some hangouts like coffee shops, all visitors who come to the coffee shop can use the wifi for free, regardless of whether they have a period of use or not, but don’t get too high hopes for the internet speed. because public wifi will have many users and can be challenged Bandwidth or just the struggle for internet speed. It’s annoying, but nothing can be changed, we as WiFi users can only enjoy it.

A WiFi can connect up to 32 users at the same time depending on which WiFi device it is using, usually devices in general can reach 32 users at the same time. The operator or owner of admin access from the WiFi device can easily find out who is connected to the WiFi, but with a little trick you can also find out who is connected to the same WiFi as the WiFi you are using, even if you are the operator of the WiFi not curious? here is the tutorial.


1. First download the app Advanced IP scanner

2. When you have downloaded the application, don’t forget to install it on your PC.

3. Before opening the application, make sure you are connected to the target WiFi and open the application.

4. You click directly on the button begin to perform a scan of the WLAN user.

5. Done.

It will give you some small pieces of information like the user’s mac address, the user’s localhost ip, the brand of the device they are using, and others.

Remarks : This application is not 100% accurate when some devices that are not actually connected to this WiFi are sometimes detected because the device is trying to connect to the WiFi but is not connected, be it because of the wrong password or the slot of the WiFi is full, how to distinguish devices that are actually connected or not by the appearance of the Mac address data in the list in level 5.

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