How to disconnect other people’s WiFi connection on Android using Netcut

This tutorial is for Wi-Fi users whose connection suddenly feels slow (slow) because a lot of users are using it. Maybe at this point you really need it or you want to prank your friends then you can try this tutorial.

So when you surf the internet in public places like campus, coffee shops, or crowded places where WiFi is available, your connection suddenly slows down, which means someone could use this tutorial to play a prank on you.

Netcut was a well known network breaker application in the past, this application can only be used on laptops, now Netcut is now available on Android devices. For that we can use it, here is the tutorial:

Condition: Android rooted

To disconnect other people’s WiFi on a network:

1. You must be connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Download and install Mesh cut on Google Play for free.

3. Run the Netcut application. You will see a list of Internet users on 1 Wi-Fi network.

4. You can disconnect the person from Wi-Fi or reduce the person’s Internet speed. Call up the menu cut.

5. Select the list of people you want to try, and then immediately turn off people’s connections Tap the icon WLAN turns red (the end) or if you want to reduce the person’s internet speed, please swipe in the menu speed (see picture below).

6. To see a list of connections from people you have deactivated, please refer to the menu JAIL.

7. You can also use to restore it as before Tap the icon WLAN turns blue (normal).


How to deal with people using the Netcut application on Android:

1. Please activate, Tap menu defender to overcome when there are people who use the application.

Remarks: Use this application with caution as this tutorial is for learning only and this application is not 100% usable. Much luck

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