How to disable certain application internet connections on Xiaomi

The number of applications running in the background of Android sometimes makes our internet slow and also uses up quotas. Not a few of us, however, who don’t know. The good news is that Xiaomi phones have a feature to stop data usage in the background. How to use Read the review below carefully.

Most Android applications today require internet access to function optimally. Many of these applications run on background or background and consumes quite a bit of data. Aside from the fact that our data runs out quickly, so does the battery, of course Smartphone we will be wasteful too.

Some apps like social media require a background data connection to be viewed announcements to us. Sometimes, however, less important applications run in the background. So that it doesn’t harm us, we can block or restrict access to background data connections in certain applications.

Well, the Xiaomi phone itself put this feature in the phone Smartphone made. How do I activate it? follow Tutorials the following.

Video tutorials:


1. Just open the menu settings or later settings Tap Data usage menu.

2. In the data usage menu Tap 2 dashes in the upper right corner. Then select Cellular Usage if you are using cellular data or select Wi-Fi usage if you are using Wi-Fi data.

3. Select the application that you think is consuming too much background data, then just turn off the Background Data menu.

So the tutorial on how to disable the internet connection of certain applications on Xiaomi. Hope it’s useful.

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