How to disable Avast Antivirus on a laptop / PC

Avast is a software Best antivirus program for laptop or PC to clean viruses and protect laptop or PC from virus attacks. There are many types of viruses that are dangerous to laptops or personal computers, from viruses to Trojans, Malware, Ransomware and many others.

Avast Antivirus provides the best defense against viruses and can detect viruses both internally and externally. But the Avast antivirus also has its drawbacks, namely that this antivirus often automatically deletes files that are considered viruses and if you do so frequently, Looking for, sometimes this antivirus does too block Page? ˅ website. Because Avast takes the site into account website whatever you are browsing is damaging your laptop, of course you as a user will definitely be bothered if suddenly the page you are browsing cannot be opened.

Then how do you prevent Avast Antivirus from detecting or blocking websites? Of course, you have to turn off the antivirus for a while.

How to temporarily disable Avast Antivirus on a laptop or PC.


1. Please open the Avast Antivirus application first.

2. Then choose settings.

3. In the next step, select the menu ComponentsNet sign – Select Stop continuous. Then don’t forget to select OK.

Remarks: To switch the function off File scan Avast Antivirus, choose File protection.

4. When there is a notification like this, just choose YES SIR.

5. The following is an image of the Avast Antivirus disabled, shown in the red image itself.

Remarks: If you want to use Avast Antivirus again, all you need to do is enable the disabled menu button.

This is the tutorial on how to disable Avast Antivirus on a laptop or PC. Much luck.

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