How to disable autofill on a Google Chrome laptop / PC

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers today, Google Chrome uses a lot of RAM to make the connection or access speed to the virtual world faster, until now Google Chrome is still the first best browser, it beats other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and more.

Google Chrome also has an open source license, so there are a lot of new browsers out there that take advantage of the source code provided by Google Chrome as they use the source code provided by Google Chrome, so almost 70% of the settings available in that browser, on each Case not far from Google Chrome, such as use Keyboard shortcuts, Settings, layouts and more.

The most noticeable are the settings, for example in the settings AutoFill or it can be called autofill, for example there is a form that you have to fill out, when you click the text box it will show a collection of data that you entered before, no matter from which site or when, it is automatic to complete.

Autofill is not liked by some users, but there are also those who like it. The reason why some people don’t like this feature is when they want to enter different data but the browser always forces them to enter the data, to fix the problem it is to disable the feature, here is the tutorial.


1. Open the Google Chrome app.

2. Then go to the Google Chrome settings.

3. Then search the settings search box by typing fill in automatically and select the result in Addresses or Address.

4. Then you turn it off Fill in forms automaticallyit’s like in the picture below.

5. Done.

This is how to deactivate it Automatic completion on a Google Chrome laptop or PC. Much luck.

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