How to digitize maps with Google My Maps [Bagian 2]

In the article How to make a digitized map with Google My Maps [Bagian I], discussed how to digitize maps in the road network and in regional restricted areas using the Google My Maps application. Then, in the next step, how do I add information in the form of markers and add photos in specific areas?

In this 2nd part the author explains a tutorial or how to use and add points and photos in the Google My Maps application. Before doing this, however, try to continue using the map data created or tried in the first tutorial. So that it is easier to use later.


1. Open Google My Maps in Web browser.

2. Open Project or a pre-made card.

3. After the main map window opens, first change the base map model.

Remarks: here the author uses a simple atlas model.

3. Click Add Layer and name the marker point.

Remarks: If you want to add a new object, try layers layers different to make it easier to clean up the existing data.

4. To add a point or mark, press the Add Mark button.

5. Then click on the specified location. So that the created marker points appear with their coordinates.

Remarks: here the author takes the Surapati bus stop.

6. To add a photo as a label to a block, point or street, you can click the Add Image or Video button.

7. Then choose Files from your computer, and then select the photo you want uploads.

8. So the result looks like this.

9. The addition of this photo image can also be done on the blocks and streets created previously.

This is the guide to adding marker points and captions when digitizing in Google My Maps. So that the information displayed from the map digitization carried out can be more complete. More tutorials are discussed in the next section. Much luck.

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