How to determine the coordinates of an address with Google Maps

Who doesn’t know the coordinates? Coordinates are a series of numbers that indicate the full address or possibly an earth object. Coordinates are often used by soldiers to tell where they are right now, curious about the coordinates? Please see the tutorial below:

Download Google Maps for Android

Download Google Maps for iOS

Via a web browser


1. Open the Google Maps app.

2. In the Google Maps application, please select the location where you would like to know the coordinates, for example for me in one Supermarket.

3. Then press your target area for 3 seconds.

4. Then wait a few seconds to get the coordinates

5. Then a code appears above the application and please copy paste the code.


Remarks :

These coordinates are 100% perfect and cannot be incorrectly addressed. If there is a problem, it means that it is not from Google Maps, but from Smartphone those of you who have poor internet connection.

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