How to Detect Ghosts Around Us Using Android

In today’s technological era, things that can’t be seen, guys! Like ghosts or demons, are you curious or not? What is the shape of the figure of a ghost at this time?

Well, now you can detect real ghosts near you. Be careful, for those of you who have heart disease, it will give you goosebumps if you detect the real ghost. Hehehe..

Application to See Ghosts

Ghost Detector App

Here’s How to Detect Ghosts Using Android

Now! This time will review how to detect ghosts. So, watch carefully, guys..

1. Using the Ghost Detector Pro App

Ghost Detector Pro

Ghost Detector Pro App

Ghost Detector Pro is one of the best ghost detection applications, guys. This app was designed by Atlantis Apps and can you download in Play Store for free.

Oh yes, app Ghost Radar Classic uses the sensors of your Android smartphone device to detect sources of variable magnetic emission. So, this app will show any paranormal activity.

So, this application will display a green dot on the radar if there is a source of strong magnetic emission near you.

Well, here’s how to use the app Ghost Radar Classic to detect real and real ghost radar:

  • First, Open the app Ghost Detector Pro > Then on the application info tapOK> Next tap “Power” in the lower left corner.
Start Searching for Ghosts

Tap Power to Start Searching for Ghosts

  • Second, point your Android smartphone anywhere to track the real ghost, until you find a green dot on the radar.
real and real ghost radar

Hnatu Detection Green Dot Radar

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2. Using the Ghost Radar Classic App

Ghost Radar Classic

Ghost Radar Classic App

Ghost Radar Classic is one of the original ghost tracker applications, guys. This app was originally designed to detect paranormal activity and can also analyze, giving an indication of activity patterns.

Ghost Radar Classic also analyze through the voices the activity of the psychic. But, not entirely you will become a real ghost tracker by using this application. Because it’s not very accurate, guys.

Well, how to detect ghosts using the application Ghost Radar Classic quite easy.

First, open the app Ghost Radar Classic > Then you go around you > Furthermore, if there is ghost activity a green dot will appear on the radar.

How to Detect Ghosts

Ghost Detection Radar

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3. Using Ghost Detection Camera App

Ghost Detection Camera

Ghost Detector Camera App

Ghost Detection Camera is a camera application to detect ghosts. This app was designed by Kartika and can you download for free at Play Store.

Ghost Detection Camera also one of the photo editing applications that has many spooky ghost stickers and is almost similar to the original, guys. You can edit all photos to be spooky and can be editedshare and you can post photos on Instagram too.

Well, here’s how to edit photos to make them look spooky using Ghost Detection Camera:

  • First, Open the app Ghost Detection Camera > Then tapCamera” on the left > Next point the camera and take a photo.
Ghost Detection Camera

Ghost Finder Camera

  • Second, Choose the ghost sticker you want > Then tapChecklist” above the photo > Next tapsave” in the upper right corner.
Fake Ghost

Fake Ghost Stickers

  • Third, Image result from Ghost Detection Camera.
Ghost Photos

Ghost Photo Results

So, how are you smart? You already know how to see ghosts by using an application, right? Android. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, you can really write them in the comments column below here, OK?

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