How to delete the language in the GBoard app

Although there are now many keyboard / keyboard applications out there, many smartphone users still choose the GBoard application. The reason is simple, although the GBoard application has a simple look and feel, it has many useful features. One of them is the function to add the language used.

Functions Language on the GBoard keyboard

The GBoard application offers not only foreign languages, but also regional languages. So far there have been many tutorials dealing with adding regional and foreign languages ​​to the GBoard keyboard. But did you know that aside from providing additional language capabilities; The GBoard keyboard also offers the function of clearing the language in the GBoard keyboard.

Remove the voice function on the GBoard keyboard

Although it’s in the same place as the added voice feature; However, in fact, the existence of the language clearing function is still hidden, so there are still many users who do not know its existence. However, if you cannot find the function to delete the language after following the instructions below; You need to update the GBoard application to the latest version.


1. First, make sure you are using the GBoard application as a keyboard on your smartphone device. Then open any application that allows the GBoard keyboard to be displayed. Here the author uses the chat in the WhatsApp chat application.

2. Tap the text area to display the GBoard keyboard. Tap the icon teeth to open the menu Settings / settings from the GBoard application. In the Settings menu, find and tap Menu language.

How to remove languages ​​in the GBoard app

3. To be able to add languages ​​in the GBoard application, simply click the button add keyboard. Select the language you want to display on the GBoard keyboard. Select and set the accent of the language and tap Add to. Done, the language has been successfully added to the GBoard board.

4. To remove the language from the GBoard keyboard, tap the icon in the meantime To edit which is located in the upper right corner of the language page. give Checklist on the language you want to delete. Then tap the icon rubbish in the upper right corner of the Languages ​​page. Done, the selected language has now been deleted.

How to remove languages ​​in the GBoard app


As? It’s not that easy to add and remove languages ​​on the GBoard keyboard. Following the steps above will allow you to add the languages ​​you need and remove the languages ​​you no longer need. In particular, the Gboard application now has an automatic translation feature that can make it easier for you to send messages in foreign languages.

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