How to delete text in Photoshop

Carry out activities editing Photos usually use different types software as required. And Photoshop is an application editing most popular and most used images around the world. From amateur editors to professional editors, many use Photoshop. This is not without a reason, Photoshop is an application editing Photos with innumerable functions and Tools This makes it easy for users to make changes to the picture.

With the many functions of software Photoshop we can be creative without limits. When opening the Photoshop application, we are immediately presented with various menus and menus Tools which is of course quite confusing for beginners. For those who are just learning to use Photoshop, they will be confused about the functions of the different ones Tools what’s there. This article is designed to help those of you who are new to Photoshop and who want to learn it editing Photo with Photoshop.

Learn how to use effects stroke Also suitable for those of you who are still beginners in Photoshop, as this technique is usually used a lot editing and design letter. If you want to become a professional editor or designer, you have to know the function stroke This. Check out the tutorial on how to do it stroke in the following text in Photoshop:


1. Prepare your worksheet in Photoshop – create one text / write according to your wishes.

2. Right click on Project text level / your letter – click Fill options.

2. Click on stroke – done – to change the color of. to change stroke – click Colour.

3. Select the color you want – then click OK – and click OK again.

4. You can see the results below.

If you have any difficulty please comment in the comments column, hopefully it will be useful.

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