How to delete recommended videos and channels on Youtube

The Youtube algorithm is very demanding. The Youtube algorithm can display the video you are looking for and related videos. We can find interesting videos and videos that we don’t like from Youtube recommendations.

The search history of videos that we visit frequently usually results in the Youtube algorithm showing video recommendations on your Youtube homepage. Among the many recommendations we sometimes find video recommendations and channel what we don’t like. We can remove video recommendations and channel so the video and channel other interesting things may appear on the home page. In this article, the author explains how to remove video recommendations and channel on Youtube.


1. Log in to your Youtube account.

2. Click on HOME, video recommendations are displayed and channel from Youtube. On the home page, find the video you don’t need / dislike and select the “three horizontal dots” icon in the lower right corner of the video.

3. Next you will be presented with several options, select NOT INTERESTED.

4. After that, Youtube asks why you are not interested in the video. Choose SEE WHY.

5. Click the specified option. Example: “I don’t like this video”. The selected video will no longer appear on your homepage. If you select “I don’t care” channel this “then hopefully a video of channel selected will not appear on your home page. REMARKS: You can click on any options and send it.

6. Done.

How to remove video recommendations and channel on Youtube. Hope it’s useful.

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