How to Delete Hello Account Easily

How to Delete Hello Account

How to Delete Hello Account – Of course we both know that the Hello or Helo application is one of the applications that has recently become a conversation and is also quite popular. This is because this application can make money easily

Even though it can make money easily, many people feel unsure and also have doubts about this application. In fact, many users choose to delete their previously created Hello account

Of course, every user has their own and different reasons why they want to delete the Hello application account that they previously created. We also won’t really want to know what the reasons are that make you want to delete your account.

This application has not been stamped or labeled by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as an illegal application. However, it is possible that one day this application will be labeled as illegal because it is considered a Money Game

Once again we will only provide a review on How to Delete Hello Account and will not find out what reasons make you want to delete this account. For more clarity and more detail, please refer to the following explanation

Deleting Hello App Account

There are many reasons why people or users of the Helo application want to delete the account they have created. of the many reasons they generally want to create a new account and also because they are afraid that one day this application will be labeled as an illegal application

Even though later if it is, this application will be labeled as illegal, of course as a user there is nothing to do. It is the developer’s business with the government, in this case the OJK, which has the mandate to control money-making applications

As users, our only loss is the balance that cannot be taken and also the loss of time and internet quota. For that immediately take your balance to be more secure. For other matters, please just walk and don’t need to worry about it

How to Permanently Delete Hello Account

As we have stated in the title of this article. It’s very easy and also easy if you want to delete your Helo account. Of course it will be difficult if you don’t read the tutorial that we will share and it will be easy if you listen carefully

  • The first step, please do the security settings
  • Enter at the following link
  • On the third-party software menu, please click on it and enter your account
  • Next, please look for Hello
  • If you have found it, please click revoke access
  • That way you don’t have a Hello account anymore
  • Please uninstall the application so it doesn’t appear and make you interested

Those are the steps you need to do. Actually, by uninstalling the application, you can no longer access the application, but your account is still active. For that, please do the steps above so that it is permanently deleted

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If you are still unsure about your steps or your desire to delete your Hello account, then you can undo your intentions and also do the tutorial that we share in related posts so that you can earn money from this application.

If that’s all we can explain and also share with you about How to Delete a Hello Account. Hopefully what we convey on this auspicious occasion you can understand well.

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