How to delete browsing history in Android Brave Browser

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser by internet users today. Whether on a computer or mobile phone, Chrome is always the first choice. In fact, there are quite a few browsers around the world today, including Brave.

Despite the unpopular name, Brave is very worthwhile as this browser works much faster than Google’s browser in terms of accessibility, namely Chrome. On this occasion we will also talk about Browser Brave.

This discussion explains how to delete story or browsing data on Browser Android Brave. Do you already know how If you don’t know, don’t worry because you can listen to the tutorial below.


1. Please open Browser Brave is installed on your Android phone.

2. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

3. Select Settings.

4. Scroll down to Settings, then tap Privacy.

5. Tap Clear Browsing Data.

6. Select all in the time range.

7. Tap Clear Data.

8. Done.

Every Browser must have functions story or Cache. Usually after doing this rummage To open the address of a particular site, traces of the search will later be displayed. The more often you open websites, the more name and shortcut will appear in the url field if you choose to do so rummage Return.

One of the negative effects of not clearing browsing data is that the site addresses or history we are viewing and reading are easy to see, especially when Smartphone borrowed from someone else. To work around this, perform a deletion story is a solution.

This is the tutorial on how to delete it story Search on Browser Android Brave. Hope it’s useful.

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