How to Delete Apps on Android Easily

Deleting apps on Android devices is easy. You can always delete the apps you don’t want. Deleting applications that are on the device can also speed up the performance of your Android. Inwepo provides instructions for deleting apps on your Android device below.


  1. From the application menu on the device.
    On the start page of your smartphone, tap the Apps button. Select the application that you want to delete. Tap and hold the app icon. Drag the symbol onto the “Uninstall” then a pop-up will appear confirming whether you really want to delete. Just press OK, then the application has been deleted from your device.
  2. Via the Google Play Store
    Another option is to use the Google Play Store. However, this method requires an internet connection. Open your Play Store app and select “My applicationsFind the app you want to remove. Tap the app icon and then the button “Uninstall”.
  3. Via the settings menu on the device.Open the settings menu on your device and select the tab “Generally” or “Application Manager” or “Apps” (will be different for some Smartphones). Find the app that you want to remove. Tap and then select “Uninstall” and the app is simply deleted.

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