How to defeat FF enemies with SMG Free Fire

Free Fire is a very popular mobile battle royale game all over the world. The game has been downloaded over 50 million times on the App Store and has a lot of fans. One of the reasons this game is so popular is that there are many weapons with different strengths and weaknesses. And in the case of Free Fire, the most frequent battle is close combat. Therefore, the best weapon for this battle is the SMG. Now, in this article, SPIN Esports will show you the best way to use the SMG to defeat your enemies in Free Fire (FF).

Use SMGs in hand-to-hand combat

The SMG is known as a weapon that is not very useful in long-range combat due to its low damage. However, SMGs have a very high rate of fire, which makes them very effective in close combat compared to other weapons. A high rate of fire means that your weapon will fire more bullets in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to do more damage to your enemies.

Therefore, prioritize the use of SMGs when engaging in close combat. With this weapon, you are more likely to defeat the enemy first. According to many FF players, the best SMG weapon on Free Fire to date is the MP40, which has a high rate of fire.

Combine with appropriate character skills

The best character to combine with the SMG weapon is Nikita! He has a skill called “Firearm Expert” that speeds up the reloading of SMG weapons.

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Of course, this is very useful when using SMGs to fight enemies. You can use this skill to reload the SMG faster than the enemy and defeat them while they are reloading their weapons!

Ask a friend to guard you from a distance when playing a squad

The trick you can do when you’re in a hurry is to get your friends to inform you and stay far away. If your friend is looking at the enemy from a distance, they will give you this information and you can attack the enemy directly with the SMG.

Of course, since SMG is used, you can quickly defeat the enemy at close range. But if the enemy knows your location, your friends can shoot them from a distance to divert their concentration and you can kill them with the SMG.

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