How to deactivate the search function in the Youtube Kids app

The Youtube Kids application is a very useful application as it has been proven to help parents when their kids want to watch videos. If Youtube Kids has not started, parents are forced to open the regular Youtube application, and we know ourselves that the normal Youtube application cannot be sterile from negative content even when the restricted mode is activated.

Google once said that Youtube Kids wasn’t entirely safe because there were some videos that may not be kid friendly that escaped. However, if we do further research, these unfriendly videos may appear when we do a search on Youtube Kids. That said, if Youtube Kids search isn’t used, it’s less likely to see unfriendly content.

When investigating a calibration, it turns out that Youtube Kids has also made a setting to disable its search. For those of you interested in turning off Youtube Kids searches so your child or sister can avoid unfriendly content, please listen to the tutorial below.


1. Open the Youtube Kids app.

2. Below is the view of the active Youtube Kids search.

3. Tap the lock icon in the lower right corner.

4. Select a setting, then tap the child’s Youtube Kids profile photo.

5. Enter the Gmail password that was used to create the Youtube Kids account, then turn off the browser feature.

6. Return to the home page and you will no longer be able to use the browsing function. And when browsing is tapped, a warning will appear to enable it and only parents can enable it.

7. Done.

This is a tutorial on how to turn off the search feature in the Youtube Kids application. Hope it’s useful.

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