How to deactivate like notifications on Instagram

Instagram has been a very popular social media application until now, Instagram is widely used by artists, businesses, and others. In addition to being used as a place to show activity, Instagram is also used by fans Content creator to create general knowledge information, be it about natural knowledge, unique information, conspiracy theories, mystical stories and others.

Increasingly pendant you have, then more and more Instagram accounts will certainly be active to like on your posts, especially accounts Content creator which is usually a large number to like in 1 post. And as we know every action to like will definitely display a notification.

Imagine you receive more than 10 notifications in 1 second, then in 1 minute you can receive and of course do 600 notifications Smartphone you will slow for receiving too many notifications.

So Instagram created a simple but very useful feature, which is a feature to set notifications, for example, if you want to turn off notifications for Instagram accounts that like our posts, then you can also comment and so on. How to turn off notifications to like on Instagram.


1. Open the Instagram app.

2. then go to the Instagram account settings.

3. You scroll down until you find the menu automatic notification, And you Tap on the menu.

4. Then put a check mark on the section in the comment area not active so that not every notification is displayed like the notification.

5. Done.

Remarks: Aside from notification likes, there are many other notification settings that you can check out in the same menu as in the tutorial.

This is a guide on how to turn off notifications to like on Instagram, can be useful.

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