How to deactivate automatic downloads for telegrams

Telegram is a free online messaging application that was first released on August 14, 2022 for the iPhone operating system and October 20, 2022 for the Android operating system.

As for device which, according to the official website, can so far be used for Telegram, which can be used via the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Phone operating systems. Desktop This includes Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Just as WhatsApp can place users in a group, Telegram has the same features and can even accommodate more members. According to the official website at, the membership of the Telegram group can reach up to 200,000 members. This number is very large compared to the WhatsApp group, which currently only has 256 members in a group.

Like app Chat other Telegram users can send messages, photos, stickers, videos, audio or other files like (doc, zip, mp3, etc.). This way we can share files in any form via email Chat Telegram.

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But we as recipients don’t just want to download the files that have been sent, because they may contain the files Malware which can damage the operating system of our device. In addition, automatically downloading files also wastes internet quotas, especially if the file is a long duration video.

Here is a tutorial on how to turn off automatic downloads in Telegram:


1. Make sure you have downloaded the Telegram application to your mobile phone.
2. Next, open the Telegram application and log into your account.
4. Click the triple stripe button in the upper left and select Menu Arrangement.

How to deactivate the automatic download for telegrams

5. Select the next menu Data and storage.

How to deactivate the automatic download for telegrams

7. Then turn off all auto media download and auto play sections.

How to deactivate the automatic download for telegrams

Congratulations, the automatic download setting has now been successfully disabled. In the future, when someone sends a file, be it in a group or a private message, it will no longer be downloaded automatically. So now you have all media downloads under control. This allows you to manage the use of quotas so that just downloading something unimportant isn’t wasteful.


Telegram is a messaging application that is pretty good and easy to use because it has a lot of good features in it. One of the features to save the quota usage is the feature to turn off automatic downloads. Happy social media with Telegram and good luck.

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