How to Cut and Compress Videos on Android

Lots of free video cutter and compression apps on Android. But unfortunately, with most of these applications, many of the results are unsatisfactory, e.g. For example, the results when cutting videos do not match, the video quality deteriorates, the installation size is too large, and the video size is not getting smaller either.

Well, here the author would like to recommend one of the names of video cutter application that is good quality and free, even the application has video compression function that was big before but can get smaller.

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For cutting and compressing videos on Android using an application called Video Zip. This application can not only cut but also compress video sizes from 60MB to 6MB with pretty good picture quality. It is also very easy to use here.


1. Download and install Zip videos free on google play.

How to Cut and Compress Videos on Android

2. Select the video you want to trim and compress, or select directly from the video you want to create with your Android camera.

3. Trim video: to determine the length of time of the video you want to trim.

4. Video size: Select the size of the video quality.

5. Video Quality: Select the video image quality.

6. Select Compress and wait for the results. The compression process takes a little longer.

Complete. Good luck with the tutorial and hopefully useful to readers.

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