How to create Youtube playlists on laptop / PC without logging in

YouTube is a platform social media video-based, where users can share a video or what we normally know as Youtubers for free and of course very easily. Youtube is also used as a service to find information in the form of videos and the videos you are looking for are usually created by these YouTubers.

Youtube has several simple but very useful features and it makes it easier for users to use it, such as the playlist feature where even YouTubers or viewers can create their own YouTube playlists, e.g. videos and for viewers to create playlists from a collection from YouTube videos through different channels.

Many think that if you want to create a playlist you have to enter your google email or register first, it turns out to be wrong, you can create your own YouTube playlist for free and of course without logging in or registering to have to have a google account, here is the tutorial.


1. You access the YouTube site first and then save it Url Videos which you select and save in Notepad.

2. Then you are Copy following link,ID2,ID3,IDX and Insert to notepad.

3. You are changing ID1, ID2, ID3, IDX be the ID of the video you copied earlier UrlIn the example the results are as in the picture below (which is blocked).

4. If so, you copy Url which is blocked in picture 3 and you Insert in Address bar Browser you and automatically Playlists is made anew.

5. Done.

Note: You can add more than 10 videos, even hundreds, by limiting Videos I would the video uses a comma (,).

How to create a Youtube playlist without logging into a laptop / pc. Much luck.

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