How to create your first logo with PicsArt on Android

There are several types of logo ads, one of which is the initial logo ad. So that it isn’t difficult either, we can use the PicsArt application. How to do … Let’s just follow the simple steps below:

1. Download first background Letters and logos.

Download background Letter

2. Open the PicsArt app in Smartphone She.

3. Select ‘image‘.

Choose width background 16:10, click the arrow.

4. Open ‘layer‘- click on the glass icon.

Choose black.

5. Click the arrow and select ‘image editing‘.

6. Select ‘text‘.

Write the initials you want to make the logo out of and click the check mark.

7. Select the white color in the text and set font-his. Click the check mark.

8. Select ‘image‘.

9. copy paste Text with an open ‘layer‘- click on the three dots -‘Copy‘.

Uncheck the text below.

10. Remove the first letter in the text above. Selecteraser – SelectSnape – Select rectangle – Select ‘contents‘- click OK.

Cross out the first letter.

Adjust the position of the square with your logo design.

Turn the text below back on.

11. To set the logo shape, go to ‘layer‘- select the text above – click on the three dots -‘Change shape‘.

Position the letters according to your design. Click the check mark when you’re done.

12. Concatenate the top and bottom text, open ‘layer‘- select the text above – click on the three dots -‘Melt‘.

13. Create a letter frame by typing ‘layer‘-‘Add layer‘-‘Empty plane‘.

Choose white.

click Snape, and select a circle.

Create a circle frame around the initials.

Open minded ‘layer‘- select the text above – click on the three dots -‘Melt‘.

14. Open ‘layer‘-‘Add layer‘-‘Empty plane‘.

Choose ‘add a photo‘-‘photo‘- Search for photos background Letter – ‘Add to‘.

photo background Letters have now appeared.

To concatenate with letters go to ‘layer‘- Change settings from normal Will explain.

Adjust photo size background Letters with initials.

Click the check mark and save in the gallery.

15. Open the PicsArt application again and select ‘To edit‘- Search for photos background – ‘Add to‘.

16. Enter background the logo we created earlier by using ‘add a picture‘- photo background Logos – ‘Add to‘.

17. Position the logo and the size of the logo. Choose ‘Combine‘-‘Add to‘.

18. Select the menu ‘Adjust‘. Increase value contrast Be 94.

Increase value clarity 27 be.

Lower value the shade until 19

Increase value To mark Be 24.

Increase value saturation through 7. Click the check mark.

19. Click the arrow and your logo is ready.

Very easy, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to make your first logo with PicsArt’. Much luck.

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