How to Create WhatsApp, LINE and BBM Share Buttons on Blogs

For those of you who have a blog on Blogger or a .com domain based on Blogspot, you obviously want a site like Inwepo and a cool famous website in Indonesia.

Did you know because of the button share on WhatsApp, LINE and BBM can increase the number of blog visitors to up to 36% of the total monthly page views.

You definitely want it if your blog or article is simple and easy to share or share share to WhatsApp, LINE and BBM applications with just one click? here are the steps:

How to Create Cool WhatsApp, LINE, and BBM Share Buttons on Blogs:

1. Please save the following CSS style code above the code on the blogspot template you are using.

2. Then please save the following Javascript code over the code

3. Then make sure your blog is already using it jquery library whichever version.

You’re welcome Copy the following code:

4. Please Insert below code


5. Please save this code where you want to display the button, usually under the post. The result will look like the picture below.

Complete. Hopefully useful and not forgotten share Yes sir

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