How to Create Twitter Stories on Android

The use of social media in this time is very massive, where the users come not only from adolescents and adults, but also from children. When we talk about social media, we are not separated from the function Stories or status. Because this one feature is actually embedded in many popular social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Related functions Stories In this case, it’s not just Instagram and Facebook, because social media for professionals, namely LinkedIn, also have it. In addition to LinkedIn, Twitter does not want to lose either, where there are also embedded functions Stories on the platform.

Fleet, Twitter’s Stories feature

As mentioned earlier, Twitter has features too Storiesand functions Stories owned by Twitter is called Fleet. Currently, Fleet has been rolled out globally by the Jack Dorsey-led company after going through a long test phase in various countries such as Brazil, Italy and India.

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For those of you who are actively using Twitter, this is certainly good news as you can create short pieces of content that only last 24 hours. To use the fleet feature, you can listen to the following simple steps.


1. Open the installed Twitter app Smartphone Then tap Add and continue.

How to Create Twitter Stories on Android

2. Grant Twitter permission to view photos, media and Files in Smartphone She. Then please select the image or video content that you want to set as the status.

How to Create Twitter Stories on Android

3. There are several filters that you can choose, such as: B. Background, font, as well as alt text. When everything is ready, please tap Fleet.

How to Create Twitter Stories on Android

4. Status created successfully.


This fleet feature will be very helpful to users, especially those who use Twitter a lot for various purposes, such as: B. for business purposes. By using Fleet, users don’t have to worry about deleting. Because the deletion takes place automatically after 24 hours of running time.

What you should know, however, is that the Fleet feature has been against its presence since May 2022. At that time it was still in the test phase in several countries. The main reason Fleet opposed its presence was because Fleet was feared to be a venue for exhibition events.

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