How to create timed messages to WhatsApp on Android

Would you like to make a secret agent-style message? Or would you like your message to delete itself after the time you set? It’s easy, here’s the trick.

Technology and its development seem to be unstoppable today. Refinement after refinement is always there to make our work easier in every respect. Especially in the industry Smartphone, we can easily change and add new functions Smartphone that we have.

on Smartphone we certainly use the application a lot Chat Exchange messages. But have you ever thought about having your messages deleted by yourself within a certain period of time? It seems impossible. WhatsApp itself, which is actually an application Chat Even the most popular ones don’t have this feature yet.

But there are tricks we can use self destroy message or deleted messages yourself, how does that work? Follow the guide below.

Video tutorials:


1. First download and To install First a third party application, namely Kaboom Self Destructing Post.

2. Open the successfully installed Kaboom application and enter your name in the column provided.

3. Next, allow Kaboom access to your device. then Tap on the pencil icon to start composing a message.

4. Enter your message directly in the column provided Tap symbol stopwatch or a countdown to set the time.

5. Tap the paper airplane icon in the top corner to send your message. Then choose WhatsApp or you can also copy it and then send it through another application.

6. Select one of your WhatsApp friends and send the timed message you have the settings previously.

7. You can copy your message and open it in the browser to view it. When the message opens, will timer Countdown in the right corner. When the time reaches 00, page will be Update and your message will automatically disappear.

How to create a timed message or Self-destruct message on Android. Much luck.

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