How to Create Thumbnails for Instagram Videos

Clickbait is a way of getting someone interested in watching our videos, for example like the installation Thumbnails which is very interesting in our video, but features Thumbnails only provided on Youtube.

How about Instagram? Instagram has features too Thumbnails for every video that other people upload, so 0.1 seconds of the video, how do you get that 0.1 seconds installed? Thumbnails our own? Check out the tutorial below.

1. To install FilmoraGo – video editor app on your Android.

Download FilmoraGo Video Editor for Android

2. Then open the app FilmoraGo – video editor.

3. Then Tap Create new video.

4. Then select 1 photo as Thumbnails and 1 video as the main video.

5. Make sure it is arranged as in the picture below (in the order of photos and videos), then Tap Next.

6. Then look for the button relationship and Tap, and make the settings as shown in the figure below (refer to the left side of the figure for the settings).

7. If you have Tap image Thumbnails-his.

8. Then Tap menu Duration.

9. And then push the duration down to the smallest Tap OK.

10th Dan Tap OK again.

11. Then Tap Save on computer.

12. Wait for the process Reproduction-until it is finished.

13. If so, you can see the results with Tap preview, or you can share it directly with Instagram.

Then you can see what the result will be.


You can use resolution square and also FHD resolution aka 1280p x 720p, and adjust the size Thumbnailswith the size of the video.

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