How to Create Stories from Other People’s Instagram Posts

Instagram is a very popular social media application so far, there are many features Instagram is releasing so far. The functions that are still busy so far are still discussing the IGTV function, although the IGTV function has been almost 1 month after this article was written, but the IGTV function is still often used on Instagram and even others discussed on social media such as Youtube.

Instagram’s features aren’t just IGTV, there are still a lot of features Instagram has that make it easier for us to do things like embedding Instagram posts in our Instagram Stories. This feature is very much appreciated by users Content creator Indonesia, since they really use this feature to embed or paste their Instagram posts or those of other people into their Instagram stories, here is a tutorial on how to embed or paste Instagram posts into Instagram stories.

How to Create Stories from Other People’s Instagram Posts

1. Make sure the application Instagram you have the latest version.

2. Open the app Instagram Then find the post that you want to add to your Instagram story.

3. Then you are Tap on the button like a paper airplane.

4. Then a display will appear like below, then you Tap on button Create a story with this post.

5. Then you will be automatically redirected to the Instagram story view. You can add whatever you like.

6. Done.

Remarks: Make sure you are using the latest Instagram application. The above tutorial can also be used on iOS as the steps are almost the same.

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