How to create shadow effects on pictures on Android

You must have seen a picture of someone running, but there is a shadow behind that person. Sometimes we are really amazed to see things like that, and sometimes we wonder how to take such a photo or picture.

And on this occasion, the author will share a tutorial on how to create a shadow effect on an image only with Smartphone Android, no laptop or computer required. Here is how.


1. Install the PicsArt application on the Play Store. Open the PicsArt app – Tap View all to see all the pictures in Smartphone You – select the image you want to edit.

2. After you have selected the image, Tap menu tool what is below.

Tap menu Tools Move.

3. Then select the object of the photo that you want to show the shadow.

thereafter Tap Check mark icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Select the type of shadow pattern linear or free (the true meaning is free, the application misinterprets the meaning for free in Indonesian), set the number of shadows you want to create when you are done with the settings, Tap Check mark icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

5. You then return to the initial menu display, but with the changes Tap Arrow symbol as shown in the picture.

Choose the method or storage method that suits you. You can share your work with PicsArt community (a place to share pictures edited with the application Images Art), share it with your friends via WhatsApp, or you can save as directly gallery in Smartphone your android.

This is a tutorial on creating a shadow effect on an image Smartphone Android, hopefully useful.

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