How to create reverse effects on videos with KineMaster

The effect of time returning can often be seen in many films. Then how can you turn back time so that it can appear in our videos? Don’t worry, the KineMaster application can solve this problem. Let’s follow these steps:


1. Open the KineMaster app Smartphone She.

2. Select ‘media‘.

3. Find the video you want to edit and click the check mark in the top right corner.

4. The video can now be edited.

5. If you only want to record some parts of the video, we need to trim the video first. Trimming a video is very easy.

To trim the video prefix, find the section at the beginning of the video that you want to trim.

Select symbolcut – ‘trim to the left of the playhead position‘.

Click the check mark.

To trim the end of the video, find the part at the beginning of the video that you want to trim.

and select symbol cut – ‘trim to the right of the playhead position‘.

Click the check mark.

6. Now we’re going to turn back time.

7. Click on the video area and select the menu ‘turn around‘.

8. KineMaster will process the video flip command automatically. However, it should be noted that the reverse process will stop when you close the application or the Smartphone She.

9. Now the reverse process is complete, in order for the video to look more attractive, we can add the effect of speeding up or slowing down the video. The method is very simple, click on the video section and choose ‘Speed ​​control‘.

The smaller the speed value, the slower the video will move, while the higher the speed value, the faster the video will move. Click the check mark when you’re done.

10. The last thing you need to do is mute the sound. Reversing the video reverses not only the video but also the sound. So it’s best to just mute the sound. We can change this by entering the appropriate music or song. Muting the audio is also very easy, click on the video area, select ‘Speed ​​control‘,

and activate ‘Audio muted‘.

11. Done, now you can share to your social media.

It’s that simple, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to Turn Back Time on KineMaster’. Much luck.

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