How to create quotes on photos on PicSay Android

Quotes or quote is a phrase or word that is considered interesting, contains ideas and opinions or ideas from someone. Well, in the world of photo editing itself, Quotes is often used to convey someone’s heart. Usually Quotes contains sad and motivational words with used background private photo.

On this occasion the author will give a short tutorial How to do Quotes on photos on PicSay Android. If you are interested in it, you can see it in the tutorial below.

Prepare the following materials before proceeding with the tutorial.

  • Download PicSay app in the Google Play Store.
  • Download Fonts for quotehis.
  • Prepare photos for background(Can use personal photos).

Once everything is ready, let’s move on to the tutorial.


1. Open the app Picsay – Get a picture – Photo input.

2. Next, write Quoteshis. Select menu Sticker – titleChoose a font Obelix already in download earlier – filling Quotes and put it in the middle.

For information on adding the font, see this article.

How to add fonts / fonts in PicSay

3. In the third step, you then tap on the font Duplicates.

4. Then you type again fontand change the color to yellow.

5. Then tap again Effect – blend with backgroundThen choose the sign Check the ‘✔’

6. Tap again font select it and then Effect – delete partsSwipe right at an angle. Or you can see like the picture below. When you’re done, select the character Check the ‘✔’

7. To improve the look, you can add a few sentences with font different that were download previously.

Do it like point number two.

Next word.

8. After the sentence is enough, let’s add a cartoon object to beautify the photo.

Select menu Sticker – comic.

9. You did it successfully up here Create quotes on photos with Picsay. In the last step, all you have to do is save the processing results.

Select menu Export – Save pictures in albums.

10. Complete.

Here are the results of the photo editing Create quotes that was made.

So many tutorials How to do Quotes on photos on PicSay Android. Much luck.

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