How to create photo collages without additional apps on Xiaomi

Indeed, everything can be made easier these days with the presence of technologies that are constantly evolving, especially digital technologies such as video or photos.

Used to take pictures, still needs to Film reel to save the results, which makes it less practical and easily lost over time, but nowadays with the advent of digital technology to save the results of the photo shoot, all you need is a memory card or a memory card. Memory card which is smaller and can store hundreds or even thousands of photos.

You surely know what a photo collage is, i.e. an image made up of several photos joined together. One of the advantages of creating photo collages is based on Smartphone Your goal is to reduce the memory used so that the space becomes larger and can still be used to store other files. Usually to make a photo collage in Smartphones, You need to download the photo collage maker app from the app store.

But if you have Smartphone Xiaomi, you no longer need to download an additional application to create photo collage as Xiaomi has a photo collage creation feature in the. added Smartphone the production. Here is an easy and quick way to make photo collages without any additional apps on Xiaomi.

How to create photo collages without additional apps on Xiaomi

1. First open the Gallery app (Gallery)Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner.

2. Two options then appear: Choose to join (Collage).

Then select which photos you want to merge (maximum 4 photos) – Tap ok when you are done with your selections.

3. You will then be taken to the view for creating photo collages. The poster menu is a menu for selecting the frame and size of the photo collage. The collage menu is a menu for selecting the arrangement or pattern of photo collages – Tap to save (Save on computer) if the photo collage is what you want.

Complete. That is a tutorial on how to create a photo collage Smartphone Xiaomi without additional applications. Hope it’s useful.

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