How to create NightCore music on PC

NightCore mode makes a song run almost twice the speed of the song, and NightCore mode is typically used in OSU games. For those of you curious about what NightCore mode looks like, you can seek on YouTube with the keyword “Nightcore” and songs with Nightcore mode appear.

Then if you already know, are now also interested and curious about how to create that NightCore song / music, you can refer to the tutorial below.

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How to Create NightCore Music on PC

1. Install and open the Audicity application on your PC.

Download the Audicity App (Windows OS & Mac OS)

2. Then go to the tab Open file.

3. Select the song you want and click Open / OK.

4. Then click Menu tab Effects – Changes the tempo.

5. Change the settings as shown below (recommendations according to the picture, but if you want different please create).

6. Then click Menu tab Effect – change the pitch.

7. Change the settings as shown below (recommendations according to the picture, but if you want something different, please create).

8. Please test the song first if you are satisfied.

9. Click on Menu tab File – export audio.

10. Save the desired song in the desired folder and then click on to save.

Please set it based on the artist name, track title, album title, track number, year of publication, etc. Then click OK.


Also Read: How To Create Nightcore Music On Android

additional Information

Do not try to upload your edited song to YouTube as this could violate the copyright law and your channel will get a bad reputation and of course some YouTube functions will be disabled for your channel, this is based on the experience of some Youtubers.

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