How to create multiple photos or videos on Instagram

Specialty The new thing Instagram has to offer lately is multiple photos / videoswhere we canpost more than a photo in one posta. So for everyone who has a lot Moments is worth it directly Upload many photos in one postand it shouldn’t be rubbish or Spam, enough to wipe Photo on the right to see more than one photo.

For everyone who wants to try it out right away Specialty new to Instagram, can pay attention to every step made below:

Here are the steps to create multiple photos or videos on Instagram:

1. Make sure you have Update Instagram to the latest version.

Download Instagram Android

Download Instagram iOS

2. log in your Instagram account then go to the homepage on Instagram

3rd Tap the icon (+) bottom center to upload photos /Videos We.

4th Tap the icon that has selected multiple that is then in the right corner Tap on Next which is in the upper right corner to continue selecting photos to edit Upload.

5. At this stage you will be asked to mark which photos you want to edit Upload So much Max. 10 photos, then Tap on Next which is in the upper right corner to do the step Editing.

6. At this point, you can only add filter the same for all pictures, and if you just want to see pictures to wipe To the right.Tap on Next to get to the next level.

7. You can type subtitle to the multiple photos that then Tap on Share to upload to your Instagram account.

8. If you already have Upload then it will symbol The dot (……) at the bottom of the photo indicates that you have uploaded more than one photo Max. 10 photos.


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