How to create line drawings on Android

To create a photo with line art on Android, we need the help of two applications, namely PicsArt and PixelLab. PicsArt is used to create white line displays while PixelLab is used to display line art. Don’t wait any longer, let’s just do line art on Android.


Create white lines with PicsArt

1. Open the PicsArt app and tap the ‘icon+“To edit the photo.

Download PicsArt on the Play Store

2. Find the picture and tap ‘Choose canvas‘.

3. Choose a 1: 1 background width. And tap the arrow icon.

4. Open ‘layer‘- Select level background white – tap the ‘iconcolour‘.

Choose black.

5. Select the transparent layer.

6. Enter the photo you want to edit. Tap ‘add a picture‘ – Select ‘photo‘- Search for photos.

7. Enlarge the photo as necessary.

8. Open ‘layer‘- select photo layer – reduce photo blurring value to 40%.

9.Tap on ‘Add layer‘ – Select ‘New shift‘ – Select ‘Empty plane‘.

Close shift.

10. Tap ‘colour‘. Choose white.

Tap ‘paint brush‘. Choose a brush type and set the brush size to around 12px.

11. Images on profile photos as required. The result is more or less as follows.

12. Open ‘layer‘and turn off the photo layer, and background Black.

13. Click on the three dots – select ‘save Image‘to save the picture in the gallery.

Show line drawings with Pixellab

1. Open the Pixellab app. Tap the text and select the ‘iconClear‘for plain text display in Background.

Download Pixellab in the Play Store

2. Enter the white line image, tap the ‘+‘ – Selectfrom the gallery – Search for pictures.

3. To enlarge the picture to fit background, tap the ‘hexagon‘ – Select ‘Relative size‘.

activate Maintain proportion – Change value broad and height to 100% – tap the check mark.

4. To add color white line, tap the ‘hexagon‘ – Selectcolour‘.

Select gradient – Tap the ‘icon+“To choose a color.

5. Tap the ‘icon+‘to add a swatch as needed.

6. To specify a color, select one of the color boxes – tap the color icon.

Choose a color based on your needs and click OK.

7. Do the same for all of the colored squares. The result is more or less like this and tap OK.

8. Tap the tick symbol.

9. Agar background Photo turns black, choose ‘layer‘- tapcolour‘.

Select colour – Look for black color – tap the check mark.

10. Tap the symbol to save‘, and the line drawings are readyshare to social media.

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Create Line Drawing Photos on Android’. Much luck.

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