How to Create Laser Web Animations with Javascript

With a focus on the creative and artistic area, the presence of P5.js as a subsidiary of Javascript always offers its own inspiration for developers. network. Often times, the use of P5.js is involved in background (or transition) on a website. The developers too network often interact with related programming languages ​​as an animation medium (through various package which already supports P5.js)

As a presentation of the animation functionality, we will create animations in this article Laser mesh using the programming language P5.js (a subsidiary of Javascript).


1. Prepare Text editor (Notepad, raised text, etc.) as writing media syntax later.

2. Create a file named index.html contains the following code:

  Inwepo Web Laser      

3. In the section

4. In the section will have the following code structure:

5. Save on computer previously modified files. Then open the file index.html by Browser She. If successful, later page website shows text content including animation Laser mesh with random coloring according to the previously declared syntax. Adjust animation usage Laser mesh with website that you made.

That's how you do animation Laser mesh with Javascript. Hope it's useful.

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