How to Create Jelly-Like Live Wallpaper on Android

Every user Smartphone I definitely want the device to be visible bonus and cool. One of the pillars is Wallpaper. With Wallpaper what is unique will of course also reduce our look boredom original what’s on the smartphone. Well, on this occasion Inwepo will show you a trick how to create an ad Wallpaper Your Android moves like jelly when touched.

In fact, there is a lot of image content that we can download for free from the Internet in order to beautify our presence on the Internet Smartphone weather. There are also thousands of wallpaper applications that we can download for free from the Play Store. Unfortunately, sometimes we are still not satisfied with it Wallpaper the freedom.

The beautification of the smartphone surface has to be done by almost all users Smartphone. You can use the launcher or replace the icons on the Smartphone. However, this definitely increases the load on battery power and memory. Indeed, if we have a monotonous appearance, we are sure to get bored quickly.

Well, so that you don’t get bored quickly and your smartphone looks interesting, it can’t hurt to try how to do it Wallpaper Smartphone move like jelly the following.

How to create a jelly-like wallpaper on Android

1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the AndWobble application.

2. If it is installed correctly, the next step is to open the AndWobble application and grant access with it Tap ENABLE. Select the plus gallery icon to add an image.

3. Select the Gallery menu to select an image from the gallery. Tap symbol harvest in the lower left corner tooharvest the part that you will make Wallpaper.

4. When you have chosen the right and suitable part tap on APPLY. Then choose Add wobble to give it a jelly-like effect.

5. Set the wobble on the part you want to give the effect, use the 3 menu options in the top left corner to adjust the size of the wobble and the direction of movement. If you think it’s enough Tap symbol play and try to touch the previously edited part. Next Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner.

6. Last Tap Set as wallpaper, then you will be directed to the menu to be set Wallpaper Tap Just set wallpaper.

This is a tutorial on how to create a jelly-like moving wallpaper on Android. Much luck.

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