How to Create Instagram Story Music

Instagram is one of the social media applications that has a story sharing feature or is known as an Instagram Story. The various stories function is particularly interesting for Instagram, because recorded or photographed stories or moments can be uploaded within 24 hours and are then saved in the story archive.

Instagram music

Currently, Instagram doesn’t want to lose to other applications. The developers of this application are designed so that this application can bring joy to those who use it. Various features are being developed further, one of the features that recently appeared in Indonesia is the feature Instagram music.

In general, Instagram music has been used in several countries for a long time, but unfortunately this function was not released in Indonesia two years ago and yesterday on 06/26/2021 this function is official and can be used in Indonesia. There are tens of thousands of songs provided in the form of international and local music to be selected by Instagram users in Indonesia.

Instagram users can easily add music as background to their Instagram stories to enhance the impression of the user’s life while sharing moments on Instagram.


For inwepo friends who still don’t know how to use this function, this time inwepo will show you how to use and add music in Instagram stories. Here’s how:

1. Open Instagram, then swipe right to create an Instagram story

2. Next, take a picture or record the subject you want to capture

3. Then click the emoticon icon at the top

How to Create Instagram Stories Music

4. Then select the “Music” function and search for the music you want to add

How to Create Instagram Stories Music

How to Create Instagram Stories Music

5. Then set the part of the song that you want to use by sliding it rhythm (see red box)

How to Create Instagram Stories Music

6. Next, select and set the position and font of the text to decorate the Instagram story (see red field 2)

How to Create Instagram Stories Music

7. Done and share your Instagram story music


Currently, the Instagram story music feature is very popular and enjoyed by many people. Avid Instagram users in Indonesia are very satisfied with this feature. We can share moments with music to enhance the impression of life when the moment is shared with Instagram followers.

In other words, in the midst of much of the social media that is evolving and presenting today, Instagram is here, giving the impression that its users won’t get bored when they realize the latest features.

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