How to Create Instagram Music Stories with Joox

Do you have a Joox music app? Or do you like streaming music through Joox? Well, now you can share music lyrics on Joox too, so story cool music on Instagram! Still confused how? Check it out below!

Entertainment media

People at this time generally prefer to use social media. In general, they use social media to find entertainment and information. It is certain that today, from teenagers to parents, they must have what is known as social media.

As technology and information develop, so too do lifestyles in society. Nowadays, people prefer to interact through social media. Yes, we are not only simple, we can also connect with anyone and of course without any distance restrictions.

Social media

We know a lot of social media in its use. From Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to Instagram, everyone has their own fans. While there are many, Instagram still gives teenagers and other social media activists its own interest.

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Its functions include everything from sharing photos, videos, and making calls as well shop make Instagram more fans today. In addition, functions story never seems to die from the creativity of its users either. Beginning to appear History – history Interestingly, even excerpts of song texts from the Joox app are linked.

What is joox

For those of you who don’t know what Joox is, Joox is a song streaming service similar to Spotify that was launched by Tencent around 2022.

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What’s great about Joox?

Well, today Joox did a pretty cool update. Where we can share excerpts from our favorite songs that we play to pass them on to friends in the form of music videos story Instagram us very easily.


1. First you need to have the Joox application, if not please download it first.

2. Open the Joox application and then enter the required access rights Sign up via Facebook, email or mobile phone number. Next, don’t forget to select the language you want to use.

How to Create Instagram Music Stories with Joox

3. Go and look for a song that you want to make music story, Tap and hold the song until another menu appears. Tap menu Share with then choose Instagram stories.

How to Create Instagram Music Stories with Joox

4. Wait a while for the mini music video to be created. When you have done this, you will be directed to the create section story music

How to Create Instagram Music Stories with Joox


In addition to storing the most complete albums of popular songs, we no longer have to worry about creating music states. With this new feature from Joox we can of course create lyric videos very quickly at any time. Much luck!

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