How to create hyperlinks or shorten links on Telegram

Curious how to do Hyperlink on app Chat Telegram? Just go to the following review.


Maybe we all know the word telegram. use Chat Similar to or even Telegram itself is indeed a very easy to use communication application. Its functions are clear and easy to understand.

However, sometimes there are a lot of tricks and tips that we really need but not many people know about. For example how to do it Hyperlink glued Text chat Telegram that redirects to the URL website secure.

What are hyperlinks?

Let’s talk a little bit about what it is Hyperlink? So more or less Hyperlink is a link Url At website certain things that are shortened or inserted into words or sentences that later lead someone to Website URL Target.

Hyperlink is also used to create views Url nicer and shorter. As we sometimes know Url link sometimes very long and unsightly.

Disadvantages of hyperlinks

Even though it’s neat, quite a few users might be a little worried about doing it Tap or click At Hyperlink that we do. Because they don’t know later shortcut where it will lead. Regardless, it never hurts us to try.

With Telegram itself, it turns out that it already has features Hyperlink in which we can jump right into text At Chat that we send to other users.


1. Open the Telegram app and one of the chats Chat with friends then enter the text that you will then use Tap and record the text. If it is already Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner, an advanced menu will appear and select the menu Create link.

How to create hyperlinks or shorten links on Telegram

2. Enter shortcut on column Create link, then Tap OK. do not forgetTap Cross in the description Url that then appears Tap send.

How to create hyperlinks or shorten links on Telegram

3. The result is the text used as above. Turns blue and closes website already in the settings when chat friends Chat Men-Tap the text.

How to create hyperlinks or shorten links on Telegram


So the above method is pretty easy to understand. What is more Web url what could be long would be neater than having to search Url which is too long.

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