How to create HTML email signatures on iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, many of you probably already have a personal email account in the Mail app.

If you already know how to set up an email signature with any text on an iPhone or iPad, you can now also enter HTML links in your email signature, such as website information, other email addresses to your social media accounts so that e-mail recipients can access your e-mail directly

Here are the steps to set the HTML signature in emails on your iPhone and iPad:

1. Send an email from your computer or other device that already has your personal HTML signature

2. Open the app e-mail on your iPhone or iPad

3. Open the e-mail that already contains the HTML signature you sent earlier from your computer

4. Block any HTML signature sections in your email, press and hold this section to go to it Selection tool

5. Then press Copy

6. Press Home button return to Home screen

7. Open the app settings

8. Select menu Mail, contacts, calendar

9. Then look for the option labeled signature

10. Press the e-mail account that you want to fill with the signature you sent previously. Set signature placement, per account for specific accounts or choose all accounts to set the same signature for all of your email accounts on iPhone or iPad

11. Fill in the signature fields of each email with the HTML signature you had earlier Copy, press and hold the screen to enter Selection tool then press paste when the menu appears Selection tool

12. Now you can get out settings

13. To try, send email from your iPhone or iPad to another email and see if it shows your HTML signature


Now you have an HTML signature that email recipients can connect directly to their personal social accounts

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