How to create GIF images with LINE on PC

LINE is one of the delivery boy most commonly used by the people of Indonesia. But did you know that one of LINE’s features allows you to create GIF images? delivery boy This.

A gif is an image that can move like a video, but in the form of an image. But only the PC version of LINE can use this function, while the LINE version Smartphone Not yet available.

Make sure your LINE PC version is the latest, if not you should Update First, because the version you are using may not have this feature.

Video tutorials


1. Register with LINE via PC.

Download LINE-PC

2. Choose any account and double click the account to open the window Chat. Can be a personal account or an account OA. Do not choose the official LINE account as this feature is not available on the official account.

3rd Click the screenshot button above the column Chat

4. Then your cursor will change to a plus sign (+). Left click and drag to determine what part to make a gif of. Don’t make blocks too big because there is a maximum limit to creating a gif.

5. Click on GIF button to record everything in a block and turn it into a GIF.

6. Wait for the GIF creation process to complete. click Save button To save your gif result, if you want to send it directly, click Checkmark.

This feature has some disadvantages, for example the duration of the gif is very short, only about 8 seconds. Then the size of the image that is used as a gif is also limited, cannot fully Your only screen becomes a GIF.

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