How to Create Fonts in Instagram Stories

In today’s digital age where people can easily take photos and videos. Instagram is here and is one of the media that photos and videos can be used to share with a lot of people. Maybe because that is why the Instagram application is one of the applications that has many users all over the world.


When it comes to menus on Instagram, Instagram Stories or generally called InstaStories is one of the menus that always receives the latest features and effect updates. This is because many Instagram users are diligent in sharing their daily moments through InstaStories.


One of the currently popular effects in InstaStories is the display of scrolling text in InstaStories photo or video posts. In order to display scrolling text on InstaStories photos and videos, users do not need an additional application as this feature is a built-in feature of InstaStories recently published by Instagram.

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1. First, update the Instagram application on your device to the latest version via the Play Store. If it is updated, don’t be confused, the scrolling text feature will not appear in InstaStories right away as it takes at least 24 hours for the scrolling text feature to appear in InstaStories in the author’s experience.

2. Now let’s just open the Instagram application on your device and then just open the InstaStories menu in your Instagram account application.

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3. Tap the camera to take a photo or create a video directly. Or click the gallery to take photos and videos that are already available in your device’s gallery.

4. Select the photos or videos you want to display in InstaStories.

How to Create Fonts in Instagram Stories

5. To add text in InstaStories, tap the icon An A that’s in the top right corner. Now write down the text that you want to convey in InstaStories.

How to Create Fonts in Instagram Stories

6. To view the scrolling text animation, simply click the icon A with two lines. The text automatically shows a scrolling text animation. Each of the available fonts shows different text animations.

7. Choose the font based on your needs. Then click the check mark icon to view animated text in your InstaStories post.

How to Create Fonts in Instagram Stories

8. Done, finally the send to symbol to share your InstaStories posts with other Instagram users.

How to Create Fonts in Instagram Stories


It is not easy to do text views on InstaStoris. With a total of 9 fonts provided by InstaStories, you can display different types of scrolling text ads in InstaStories posts. Now your InstaStories posts will get more interesting with the appearance of running text.

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