How to create emails with your own domain

Hello loyal readers Inwepo, on this occasion I will give a tutorial ‘How to create emails with your own domain’.

Have you seen an email from a well-known company? Usually use them domain their own website. Examples are [email protected] Would you like it too? Check out the tutorial below.


  1. Have my own domain.
  2. Rent Hosting cPanel for your domain.

For those of you who haven’t domain and host, you can register on the provider’s website domain and host like Hostinger, DomaiNesia, Bluehost etc.


1. First you have to Sign up first in your cPanel.

2. If your domain is registered more than one, select the domain you want.

3. We are now on the main page cPanel.

3. Choose ‘Manage emails’.

4. At the moment, only enter the first name of the desired e-mail.

5. Click on ‘Create’ and your email is ready to use.

6. You can see your email in the section Manage email accounts‘.

6. You live Sign up Your email by clicking on it ‘Webmail’.

7. Enter password and click on ‘Keep going‘.

8. You haveSign up in your mail.

So ‘How to Compose Emails Using domain Own’. Layouts and Pages Sign up cPanel different depending on what you rent Hosting Where. If you have any problems please leave a comment below.

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