How to Create Doodle Art with PicsArt on Android

who does not know it Doodle art? Works of art depicting dolls, animals, and even cute creatures huddled together on a white sheet are sure to please a lot of people. Additionally, quite a few people, from children to teenagers, even adults want to make it through.

part doodle that’s done with Moments certain things, be it for a birthday, to commemorate an anniversary or just as a hobby and only as a room display.

Maybe in the previous tutorial Inwepo share via How to Do Doodle Art with Photoshop. But on this occasion I will share the tutorial with you Pictures art. Why is that? The answer is only one, I don’t want restrictions to leave those of you who want to show art just baffled and imaginative because of some obstacles.

Perhaps some of you don’t have a laptop, PC, have both but not the application, or want to be lightweight by using a mobile phone without having to carry it. Laptop everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Whatever the obstacles, I just don’t want any restrictions that keep you from being artistic.

Before we begin, there are a few things to prepare first. And it’s very easy.

Download PicsArt Studio & Collage for Android

Download PicsArt Studio & Collage iOS. down

image Doodle art, and a picture of a blank book to search Google.

When you’re done, do the following:

1. Open the app PicsArt Studio $ collage, then select “To edit“.

2. Insert a prepared blank paper image.

3. In the menu below you can search for “add a photo”To add a photo Doodle arthis. Then enter the picture.

4. Adjust the size Doodle art with a blank background image. Then click in the picture effects option on the effect “normal“then continue to”DarkenThen use the brush button to erase the images that are out of line, make sure the selection is pointing at symbol Eraser.

5. Then search symbol Letters to add text as needed. After adding it, set the position of the position according to your taste.

6. Done, You to save check your gallery for later.

Much luck.

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