How to create dance animations in WhatsApp status

Tired of the same WhatsApp features? Or want to do story Cool WhatsApp? Well, you can try the following ways around to dance animation in WhatsApp status.

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? use Cell phone, mobile phone which is still under one roof with Facebook and Instagram, we often use in our daily life to exchange text messages, voices, pictures, documents and much more.

This application is very easy to use indeed and there aren’t too many confusing menus for its users. At the beginning of its use, WhatsApp was only used as a place to send short messages.

But as time goes on and more features are present on WhatsApp, it’s not just a messaging application now. It has even become a place for business and social media.

Aside from being used for ChatAs we know, WhatsApp now also has a status function or story like Instagram has. Unfortunately, the features that are in story WhatsApp is limited. Well, that’s why Inwepo would like to give tips on how to make it this time to dance animation At story Whatsapp.

Video tutorials:


1. Download First the Kinemaster Pro application.

2. Open the browser application and type ” Dance floor wallpaper “In the search field. Then select the picture and download Picture that fits. Next, open YouTube, enter in the search box Dance animation green screen. Download the video when it is suitable or appropriate.

3. Open the Kinemaster application directly and Tap the plus symbol what’s in the middle. Then choose Empty projects.

4. Select the Media Browser menu to insert a picture background what was already inside download.

5. Tap Layer symbol Then select Media to add a video to dance that we downloaded.

6. Then select the chroma key effect Tap Activate to remove the effect green screen or green on the video.

7. To mute the default video, just tap Sound symbol and set the volume to 0%.

8. To add a song or sound from the gallery, just tap the music icon.

9. Tap on Layer again and select Menu text to add text to the video.

10. TNS symbol Circle to change the text color and use the menu in animation to add animation to the text.

11. Tap symbol share to save the editing results in the gallery and also share for WhatsApp.

12. Select the video quality and wait a while for the process.

This is a tutorial on creating animation to dance in WhatsApp status. Much luck.

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