How to create colorful frames in KineMaster

With KineMaster we can easily add a colorful rotating frame. How to do … Let’s just follow the steps below:

1. Open the KineMaster app Smartphone She.

2. Select the ‘+‘to start creating the frame.

3. Set the size background, here I am using 16: 9.

4. Select ‘media‘.

seek background Black. Click the check mark.

5. Select ‘layers‘-‘Handwriting‘.

6. To paint in color, use the icon pencil‘.

Set large brush‘.

Use multiple colors to fill the layer. Click the check mark.

7. Adjust duration Handwriting with duration Background.

8. Now we give an animation so that the colors rotate. Click on Handwriting – ‘Animation.

Choose ‘Turn counterclockwise‘.

9. If part is still found background that has not been covered with paint, click Handwriting and enlarge Handwriting until background coated in color.

10. To display the frame effect, choose layers‘-‘media‘.

11. Search background Black.

Click the check mark.

12. Zoom in until it looks like a frame. click shareand save it in the gallery.

13. To adjust the rotation speed of the colored frames, open the KineMaster application again. Record a colorful frame video by pressing ‘media‘.

Find the video and click the check mark.

14. Click on the video and select ‘Speed ​​control‘.

Adjust the speed as needed. Click the check mark.

15. Click the icon shareand save the video back to Gallery.

16. Now we’re going to frame the content video.

17.Search for videos in ‘media‘.

Search for video content – select the check mark.

18. Insert a video image by typing ‘layers‘-‘media‘.

Find Frame Videos – select the check mark.

19. Adjust the video picture by pressing ‘Share screen‘.

Choose ‘Full screen‘.

20. Select a frame video and search for ‘Chroma key‘.

Activate chroma key. Set the lock color to display the content video.

because background Video frame is black, we change the color of the key to black.

21. Customize between content video display and still video. Click the check mark.

22. Done, now you can save the video in the gallery or share to social media.

It’s that simple, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to Create Colorful Frames in KineMaster’. Much luck.

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