How to Create Boomerang Videos and Mentions in Instagram Stories

Previously, if you had to upload GIF content from Boomerang, you had to download the application first, now users no longer have to rely on the application.

Yes, that’s because Instagram announced a new feature, namely Boomerang and Mentions for Stories. Instagram should be more fun for both of them.

If users want to create stories, there are two options below, Normal and Boomerang. Just like the app, the Boomerang mode is also used in Stories to create GIF content.


To make your Instagram Stories account even more fun, check out the following author reviews:

1. Open the Instagram application, then tap the plus (+) icon or swipe left on the home screen.

How do I create Instagram stories?

2. At the bottom there are two options, Normal and Boomerang, then choose Boomerang. Now is the time to start making Boomerang videos without having to download the app.

how to make a mention in Instagram stories

3. With the new Boomerang feature in Instagram Stories, so can youmention Friend. For example, after taking a photo or video in Stories by entering “@” associated with the name of the intended account.

4. Finally, you can embellish the appearance by changing or making the color of the text background the background color of the text. When you press complete.

How to Create Text Color Text in Instagram Stories

Remarks: To create Boomerang and Mention videos in Instagram Stories, make sure youUpdate latest version of the Instagram app. The author provides the download link at the end of the article.

In addition to these two functions, Instagram offers another new feature, namely: shortcut “See more”. According to Instagram, the function is still being tested and accounts that can be verified later can be added shortcut in their stories.

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