How to create blue text in all chat messenger apps

Current App Chat like WhatsApp, BBM, LINE and Telegram in Indonesia are still the preferred applications to be installed on the internet Smartphone weather. The proliferation of communication media applications on-line or Chat Because of the increasing number of users, of course Smartphone.

Aside from making communication easier, there are also many benefits that we can get from applications Chat that. For example, you can send messages and make phone calls for free. In addition, there are also many interesting features provided by each application Chat the.

But we often get bored with it text or write Chat that’s just for it to do Chat feels boring, bored and sometimes monotonous. Well, with that text Chat You don’t ____ monotonous and it looks like if you read it you can try the following tips:


1. You can install the application first Write in emojis.

Download Writing in Emoji for Android

2. Now open the app Write in emoji , then enter the text or font you want to make blue in the section insert text then Tap Generate emojis.

3. If the thick blue text appears, you can now-Copy she with Tap Copy text.

4. Well, you can try sending the text to all applications sooner Chat what you have like on WhatsApp, LINE or BBM. For example like the picture below.


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