How to Create Arabic Script on WhatsApp

WhatsApp application is an application Chat which many users, both from teenagers to adults. This application is very easy to use, and the functions of this application are sufficient simple or not excessive and complicated.

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Sometimes we are still confused about how we send messages in Arabic script e.g. B. Messages with prayers that we send to our friends or relatives in the form of. send text Arabs.


1. Please open Settings/the settings At Smartphone She.

2. Then select and Tap of your choice Language & input

3. Continue to the default setting – choose Gboard.

4. The next step you choose Language.

5. Next, choose add keyboard, the function to add Arabic script later.

6. Because we want to create Arabic text here, so choose text Arabic, or you can select a different language if necessary.

7. Then you can open your WhatsApp application directly.

8. To start sending messages in Arabic script, change the keyboard keys.

9. Then you can choose Arabic

10. Now you can get messages in the form of. send text Arabic easy.

11. Then back text in Indonesian script – just need to do the previous one to change Arabic and choose Indonesian.


Remarks: Here the author uses Branded smartphone Acer, so every setting can be different.

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